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MLIS Center

The Technion is home to many of the leading researchers in the various sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
According to CSrankings.org, the Technion is ranked #1 in Europe in AI,  and #10 the world.

Beyond core AI research, a large number of Technion researchers apply state-of-the-art methodologies and tools from AI and Data Science in medical research, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Architecture, Biology and more.

Together, as both “producers” and “users”,  MLIS-affiliated Technion staff comprises a community of over 100 senior researchers dedicated to advancing AI and its applications in various domains.

About MLIS

MLIS’ Vision

  • Position the Technion as one of the top 5 universities worldwide in AI research and its sub-fields.
  • Create MLIS as an internal focal point which brings together faculty & students from nearly every unit of the Technion.
  • Establish MLIS as a platform for significant collaboration between Technion faculty and technology companies/big data generating organizations.
  • Position MLIS as the pivot for AI-related collaborations between the Technion research community and other universities & research institutions (local and worldwide).